August 8, 2023

Just an update. Haven't been working on this website as of recently, and I probably will not make much edits these coming months since my school is about to start and I've got a heavy schedule. However, when I do have freetime, I'll look into adding more blogs and completing other webpages.

July 16th, 2023

I had a lot of free time today. So I decided to play Roblox cause why not? Came across this game called Parkour, and it was pretty fun. Basically it's just an open world parkour game, and the gameplay was quite high quality.

After exploring the city for a while I was able to safely drop onto the streets below without taking damage. There isn't anything to do down there, because the parkouring is intended to be played on the buildings and the game tells you that theres nothing to do on the streets. I even go as far as believing that they are hiding something down there, cause there is a really unsettling vibe being down there all alone, on par with liminal space type stuff.

July 1st, 2023

Hi, welcome to the Blog webpage. Thanks for stopping by. Blogs will be coming soon.